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The New Social Media App Helo is Here to Stay

The New Social Media App Helo is Here to Stay

Have you ever counted the number of social apps on your phone? Ever felt that the feeds exhaust almost in minutes and then it’s just jumping from one app to another – one for chat, one for content creation, one for social media celeb content, and another for trending videos. Heard of Helo app? An amalgamation of the best and most popular social media platforms, it is here to offer fun, engaging yet socially aware and responsible content, that too in a language you are most comfortable with. If you happen to follow their social media updates, you’ll know how much this app cares about safer internet usage. Their regular updates on data security and user awareness are much appreciated by the users and media.

In a short time since it was launched, the app has managed to capture the hearts of 50 million individuals. While most social media platforms are being questioned for data breach and data selling, #HeloSaferInternet is a responsible campaign raising awareness on responsible user behavior.

One of the best features on this app is that it is available in 14 Indian vernacular languages – including Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati and others.

In today’s world, where regional content is relevant, while multinational communications are shifting to local lingo, there is a reasonable need for content engagement and creation in vernacular languages. The language selection on this social app aims to not only target Indian regional audience, but also the global desis sitting in different parts of the world.

Helo partners are dedicated to creating socially responsible content, in support of active campaigns by the  app. How to use this brilliant new age social app you ask? All you need to do is download it from the Playstore and get started with sharing quotes, shayari, top trending jokes, wishes, status updates and Bollywood news with new friends. 14 languages to select from is only the beginning of this journey to connect with desis across the planet and engage.

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This new social platform is here to stay, targeting regional audiences and associating the brand name with social awareness campaigns like #EverGreenLove driving the youth sentiment in the right direction through its platform reach and impressions.

Social media feeds today are plagued with repetitive and fake content. Fake content leads to broadcasting huge amounts of misinformation through a common man’s social ID.  This is one of the worst issues of today’s social media generation that biggest of the platforms are trying to solve. Content sanitation, its vigilant monitoring and raising awareness is hugely a responsibility of the platform. One of the newest kids on the social-verse – Helo is here with vigilance on the authenticity of users and user content. This platform ensures deactivation of fake accounts and content that violates community guidelines, ensuring sanitation. Flixanity

This young app has been proving to be a maverick in the social media universe with its tactical approach to its audience and responsible brand image. Thus, it’s sure to stay for years on your phones to engage and impress the netizens of the social-verse.

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