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The Best American Comedies about Students

The Best American Comedies about Students

Modern students have many different hobbies, and one of the most popular is watching movies and TV shows. Comedies about their peers are especially popular among young people. If you also love this genre, we offer a list of American comedies about students. Films from this collection will make you laugh and make your mood better.

American Comedies about Students

A huge amount of interesting comedy films about students have been released. We offer the funniest and most original. And if you got carried away by youth American comedies about students too much, and forgot to prepare an essay or any other paper, then you may need some help. You can go here to buy college essays online. 

Life of the Party (2018)

The main character of the film is Diana, who decided to go to university, where her young daughter Maddy is already studying. Previously, a woman completely devoted herself to the family. But when her husband abandoned her, she decided not to miss the chance and get the education she always dreamed about. Maddy does not immediately feel happy about her mother’s idea. But Diana quickly recalls the carefree joy of her student life and infects her daughter with her optimism.

Little Bitches (2018)

The movie tells about three girls who made risky jokes on classmates. After graduation, everyone is going to relax, but Annie, Marisa, and Kelly have their own plans for a graduation party. They are going to open letters from college and arrange another surprise for friends.

EuroTrip (2004)

A popular comedy about the trip of American students to Europe. During this cool trip, Cooper, Scotty, Jenny, and Jamie go around the most popular tourist centers and little-known places on the mainland, get into a lot of funny situations, but in the end achieve their goals.

American Pie Presents: Beta House (2007)

One of the most fun parts of the famous American comedy about students. Freshmen Bobby, Kuz, and Eric are going to the coolest party of their life. Its organizer is the master of the awesome holidays. But not all students want to have fun: some “nerds” are going to disrupt the event. As a result, there will be some kind of competition between them. Who will be the most successful? You can learn this in the film.

College (2008)

Kevin just started studying in college, and already found a serious enemy for himself. This is the leader of the coolest student fraternity. Now a real war erupts between community members and Kevin’s company. The most ridiculous tricks that will amuse any viewer are used.

22 Jump Street (2014)

The sequel to the American comedy about teenagers and students of 2012. In the first part the cops pretended to be high school students, and this time they end up in college. The goal of Phil and Chris is the same: they need to calculate and neutralize drug distributors. But even with such a serious mission, funny cases constantly happen to them.

Movies about Students and Love

The eternal topic of films about youth is love. It makes adults feel nostalgic and students to make their love even brighter. Below, we will discuss some of them.

First Daughter (2004)

Samantha’s father is the president of the United States and most of all he cares about his daughter’s safety. But, like every young girl, Samantha wants freedom. And having graduated from a private school, she goes to the most ordinary college. And there, her father sends a guy, who should be her bodyguard. But she does not know about it. Samantha is not aware that a pretty classmate has shown increased attention to her for a reason, and special feelings appear between young people.

Everybody Wants Some (2016)

Easy American comedy about students and love. Carefree student life, fun parties, and pretty girls can be found in the movie about the Texas student Jake Bradford. The atmosphere of the 80s gives some special charm to the film.

American Comedies about Dormitory and Students

The funniest stories always happen away from home. For example, in a student dormitory. Next, we will discuss some films about it.

Accepted (2006)

This is one of the funniest American student comedies. The main characters created their own college. They could not enter America’s real educational institutions, so they decided to organize their own with a logo, curriculum, and campus, where funny stories take place.

The House Bunny (2008)

Shelley, who was living in the apartment of PlayBoy, has to settle in the dormitory of the dullest female society. Her new neighbors do not know how to communicate with the opposite sex and are the object of a laugh for other students. Shelley alone knows how to remedy the situation and teaches new friends several lessons of seduction.

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