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Technology alerts Las Vegas Police after recent murder goes unreported

Technology alerts Las Vegas Police after recent murder goes unreported

The Las Vegas Metropolitan police department is tracking the latest gun shooting network, which has helped to find a recent murder victim if no firearms were reported.

The sooting happened in the 2000 block of Wengert Avenue on Wednesday around 6:45 p.m. which is located near Charleston Boulevard and Maryland Parkway.

Las Vegas Police say their ShotSportter sensor network picked up on the shooting And techniques to the nearest area to be sent to patrol officers.

The officers did not detect the victim at first but followed what looked like a car fluid.

As a result of the trail, officers rushed to the car, which collided with a car about an hour and a half short near Franklin and Houston.

The adult in the vehicle of the accident, who was not able to recover the wounds from the shooting, died on the spot and the shooter managed to escape.

Police believe the victim was in the area to meet someone and was shot shortly after.

The victim’s identity will be released by the Clark County Coroner’s Office.

Police say they received no reports into 911 of the shooting.

”Residents in these areas were just frightened or did not call the police and it is a barrier for the police to react in the area,” said Capt. James LaRochelle during a recent news conference regarding the ShotSpotter technology in Oct. 2019.

Wednesday’s fatal shooting is inside one of the 8 troubled areas identified by Las Vegas police in a significant number of shootings.

Las Vegas police revealed that during their pilot program of the ShotSpotter technology, 65 percent, or 342 shooting were detected in the areas of the sensors, but want unreported to police.

”In some cases, they may feel as if they have been ignored and we want to makes sure that they are not beliefs and also believe that we are trying and trying to change that by showing them that we do care about that neighborhood,” said Lt. Dori Koren with Las Vegas Metro Police.

13 Investigates was the first to report the technology and the use of it within the Las Vegas Metro Police Fusion Watch Center in November 2018.

The department is one of the leaders in the nation which uses a variety of tools, including a growing network of high definition, real-time cameras, facial recognition software and ShotSpotter sensors to cut down on violent crime and response times.

Authorities report areas with the ShotSpotter technology have seen a double-digit reduction in crime.

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