Four political candidates fighting for the election of a member of a mob to elect as MP for Strode on December 12 came face to face at Marling School for a political hustings event on Friday afternoon.

David Drew from the Labor Party, Siobhan  Bailli from the Conservative Party, Molly Scott Cato from the Green Party and Desi Latiner from the event to answer questions from students.

David Drew from the Labour Party, Siobhan Baillie party candidates represent the Lib Dems instead of George games, Who stood up to make the Green Party a clear success at the store last week.

Libertarian candidate Glenn Goggerly could not attend due to promises of work but will visit another time.

Holiday form students who have their 18th birthday on or before December 12 will vote for the first time in the forthcoming elections but the majority of students attending the event will not be old enough to attend.

However, hosting the event provides an important opportunity for students, political teacher Holly Rogers said giving them the opportunity to listen to and question the representatives of the major parties and further their political awareness and engagement.

In a group of six students of politics organized the event itself, in which each candidate took the form of a three-minute hesitation. Then the students were asked questions.

It took place in a packed school hall, with politicians and students debating a range of issues, including Brexit; University tuition fees; the value of the ‘Unite to Remain’ pact; the pros and cons of grammar School; the environment; Boris Johnson’s offensive comments about women, ethnic minorities and members of the LGBT community.


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