Home World South Africa Bans Alcohol Sales Again

South Africa Bans Alcohol Sales Again


President of South Africa imposed a curfew overnight and it is compulsory to wear masks in streets and markets. The total number of Covid19 cases are exceeded a quarter of million in South Africa. A total number of death are more than 4000 and government of South Africa and Health department estimated total number of deaths at the end of this year will be 50000.
The President of South Africa Ban consumption of alcohol in whole country. Also many students and citizens of South Africa arrange late-night parties without wearing masks and there will be excessive use of alcohol in these parties. According to WHO Covid19 is more effected in alcoholic persons. They are vulnerable to Covid19.

After 3 months president of South Africa again decided to Ban alcohol in South Africa according to information of Police and Health experts numbers of emergency patients were slow down because of the previous ban of alcohol and the number of Covid19 was also decreased. The government of South Africa built hospitals of 28000 bed especially for Covid19 patients but according to the president, they will face a serious shortage of 12000 staff including doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists.

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