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Simple Home Improvements Your Pets Will Thank You For!

Anybody who’s lived with a pet knows that these furry friends are important members of the family. We care about their comfort and happiness the same way we would with a human loved one. We want our four-legged friends to feel safe in our home, and we want the peace of mind found in seeing that our homes are a cozy and secure place for our pets to stay when we’re away.

A recent survey found that most households either currently have pets or will consider having one in the future, signifying just how popular and influential pets are. Whether you’re remodeling your entire house or only the living room or kitchen, here are simple, cost-effective, pet-friendly home makeover ideas to help your furry family members feel more at home.

Install a Pet Shower

If your pets enjoy muddy adventures, think about building them showers. Create space in your garage or mudroom where you’ll be able to access the waterline. Ensure you go for a removable showerhead so that you can easily clean a fidgety pet. 

Create an Indoor Sanctuary

Admittedly, Everybody likes a quiet place to relax from time to time, and your pets’ are no different. If a bed in the corner won’t cut it, it might be time to build them a little cave. The space under the stairs is an excellent place to start. 

You’ll have to install some drywall so that it can be a real room. You’ll also have to install some flooring type, for example, hardwood or tile, for easy cleaning. For this specific project, don’t forget to see if you require a permit and think about an authorized contractor!

Include Ramps

Whether your pet is young and lively or aging and dealing with joint problems, consider incorporating ramps into your makeover design. This lets your pet move about your abode easily and expels the stress that stairs can place on the body in later years. Ramps installed as alternatives to stairs can expel the potential for injury to small breeds who don’t recognize their size limitations and in eager pups.

Feeding stations

Most pet owners want their pets to eat in the kitchen together with everybody else. However,  kitchens are among the busiest rooms in most households, and it’s easy to bump into and knock over pet dishes. And, if your pet is a messy eater, spilled wet food, water, and kibble can be tracked through the kitchen.

To help keep the kitchen clean, a built-in feeding station is an excellent home renovation idea for your pet. Ideally, the kitchen is an excellent feeding center as a feeding center under the cabinetry is a simple solution that doesn’t require extra floor space.

On the other hand, feeding stations don’t have to be in the kitchen area. Folks with many pets or big dogs can create a small alcove away from the kitchen. Add the convenience of drawers and shelves near the food dishes to keep food and other supplies organized.

Pet-friendly Landscaping

Landscaping is an ideal way to add curb appeal to your abode. And there numerous ways to do it with your furry friends in mind. Firstly, dispose of anything that can be lethal to your pet. Once your yard is pet safe, add plants your pets can snack on. Think peppermint, rosemary, and catnip.

Rethink Your Interior Decoration

Avoid heartbreak by reducing easily broken pieces throughout any space that your pet can access. If you’ve got a delicate family treasure, it’s best to find a secure place for it. Wagging tails are notorious for swooshing fragile things off lower surfaces and onto the floor. Stick with sturdy decor that can withstand occasional knocks and reduce decor set directly on the floor.

Install a Pet Door

If you own a four-legged friend and a backyard, a pet door is a must-have. Why should you bother every time you want to go out? Installing a pet door is an inexpensive home renovation project. Ideally, if money is not a concern, you can even install automatic pet doors. Either way, the goal is to allow your dog to go outside without your help. Provide your pets with their own door, and they will love you even more.

 Bonus Pet insurance

Pet cover can give you peace of mind by making health costs for your pet inexpensive, letting you enjoy extra quality time with your furry friends. The Bivvy pet Insurance plan can help you get comprehensive pet insurance coverage for your pets. Get a free online quote and see how affordable pet insurance is.


Pets are an important part of your family, and they should be treated as such. Ensuring they are cozy in your home can not only benefit the whole family but can also help keep things clean as well.

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