President Trump’s political advisers have been working for months to get states to adjust their plans to ensure that nothing disrupts next year’s convention.

There will be no controversial speech next month, President Trump’s political advisers have a month to tighten delegate rules at the Republican Convention.

On Tuesday, state Republican parties submitted to the national committee their delegate allocation plans, the methods by which they will choose and bind delegates who attend the convention as their representative

37 amendments were made to the areas and state that the communist party suffered from party convention. when the Republican Brothers lost their re-election bid to power.

In 2016, Mr. Trump tried to separate him from the delegation.

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The plans also serve as a reminder that even as Mr. Trump faces the prospect of an impeachment vote, his campaign is making every effort to assure a smooth path to the nomination and convention that resembles something of a coronation for the president.


”Looking at history, we kind of realized that this stuff matters for the general election,” said Justin Clark, senior counsel to the campaign.

Earlier this year, Mr. Trump’s advisers placed a premium on avoiding inter-party disputes.

In 2016, Mr. Trump tried to separate him from the delegation.

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Bill Stepien, a senior political adviser to the president, Mr. Clark, and other campaign officials have spent most of this year working with state Republican officials either to change rules or to push for party chairs who are favorable to Mr. Trump.


In-state like Massachusetts, The publican party has changed the rules so that it can get 50% of the votes from the states and capture all the representatives.


New York, the president’s home state and another with a large population, has a new Republican Party chairman, Nick Langworthy, who is viewed favorably by the national committee and White House. There, too, the rules now allow for a winner-take-all delegate award if a candidate clears 50% of the vote.


Republicans are trying to avoid the controversies that arose at the conventions in 1992.


For both Mr.Bush and Mr. Ford, the primary challenges helped expose weaknesses that were exploited in the general election. Despite Mr. Trump’s high popularity in polls of Republican voters, his campaign is seeking to avoid any signs discord. That includes a situation like the one Mitt Romney faced in 2012 when he was forced to contend with changes sought by delegates supporting Ron paul.

There are other measures the Trump team has taken. Four states have canceled their primers, including South Carlina, in moves that will future prevent his challengers- the former Massachusetts governor William Weld – from gaining traction.


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