According to the party’s 2019 general election manifesto, Plaid Cymru will increase mental health care spending by 5% each year over the next decade.

The party pledged to create a 24-hour Welsh Mental Health Crisis in conjunction with emergency services for people with severe distress.

The manifesto calls for a terminology commission on drug laws Because it claims that the present-day attitudes about drug abuse follow. Crime addicts but does nothing to help them overcome their problems also, criminal behavior is used by those who may use drugs as a form of recreation or recreation but who do not harm others”.

The Charter states that drug abuse services should focus on reducing the number of dependents rather than drug users.

The party also wants the publication of all clinical trials, ”to ensure transparency in medical research”, and ”stronger regulation against false health claims being made in product marketing.”

Plaid Cymru pledges that if it is Selected in the next round of government, all patient records will be fully electronic and all patients will have access to a digital health service to contact the appointment booking specialist and see the test results.

It also says that ”robust standards” will give patients in Walse the right to receive NHS ”face-to-face services” in Welsh.

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