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Lovoir's guide to creating perfect eyeliner wings in seconds

Lovoir’s guide to creating perfect eyeliner wings in seconds

Drawing on eyeliner flicks can be the most time-consuming part of make-up application. Not only are they difficult to get just right, but making them symmetrical can feel almost impossible. Nobody wants to head out of the house with wonky eyeliner wings, so Lovoir are sharing how to achieve perfect eyeliner wings in seconds with absolutely no hassle at all.

Prepare your face before application

One of the secrets behind long-lasting eyeliner flicks is the preparation you carry out on your face beforehand. Before applying your make-up you should firstly cleanse and moisturise your face to ensure that you’re putting your make-up onto a clean, fresh base. Next, you should apply a primer. Primer will smooth out your skin which will enable you to apply your make-up easily, and it creates a layer between your skin and make-up which will ensure that your eyeliner stays in place for hours.

Different primers should be used for different parts of the face as the needs of each area are not necessarily the same. For example, eyelid primers are created especially for the thinner, oilier skin found across your eyes. This will ensure that eyeshadow goes on smoothly and remains crease-free throughout the day, but will also create a fantastic base for your eyeliner.

Use your Lovoir Flick Stick to create an eyeliner wing

The Lovoir Flick Stick is a revolutionary product that will enable you to create flawless, symmetrical eyeliner wings with no fuss. Each set comes with two dual-ended pens which boast a wing stamp and a liquid eyeliner, one for each eye. To apply your eyeliner wing, gently press the stamp end to the corresponding eye. When doing this, the bottom of the stamp should be lined up with the upper lash line. Then remove the stamp from your face to reveal a smudge-free, enviable eyeliner flick. Repeat on the other side with the second pen for perfect symmetry.

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Fill in the wing using the eyeliner end

Once your eyeliner wings are in place, you can fill these in with the eyeliner end of each pen. This line can be carried along your lash line as far as you like depending on the look that you want to create. As with the eyeliner stamp, the liquid eyeliner is smudge-free to ensure that it doesn’t end up transferring to the eyelid or your brow bone. Once you’ve completed this step for both eyes, you’ll be left with perfect eyeliner wings. For extra staying power, you can choose to finish the look with setting powder. This is especially recommended if you’re somewhere very humid or if you have hooded eyes.

Always use your Lovoir Flick Stick

The true key to creating perfect eyeliner wings is to always use your Lovoir Flick Stick. This product has been designed to be easy-to-use, long lasting, and an absolute make-up bag essential. The Flick Stick can be used by those with unsteady hands, and those who have never tried to create eyeliner wings before, ensuring that make-up application is quick and stress-free. The ingredients used to make the Flick Stick have been chosen for their ability to make the product last all day once applied, and it’s cruelty-free and suitable for vegans too, making this a completely ethical make-up product.

Available in three different sizes, you can be confident that there’s a Flick Stick suited to the look that you want to create. You can buy each size separately, or treat yourself to a set of all three. This will enable you to create everyday looks and more dramatic, bold looks for nights out. With the Flick Stick, there’s no fear of looking in the mirror and finding that you have panda eyes, or that your eyeliner flicks have disappeared completely, as for 99% of customers and situations, this product simply will not budge once in place. For optimum results, always store your Flick Stick horizontally to ensure even ink flow, keep it away from long periods of direct heat, and always replace the lids properly after use.
Now that you know how to achieve perfect eyeliner wings in seconds, head to lovoir.com and buy your Flick Stick today. You might also like to check out the Flick Stick’s reviews from delighted customers who have been happy to share their thoughts about the product, how much they love it, and photos of them modelling perfect eyeliner wings too!

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