Library using Technology to work with the community

The Public Library for Union County id doing its best to keep up with today’s changing technology and help its patrons do the same.

” We’re really trying to fulfill the needs of the community and stay up to date with all the latest tech and be current,” said Jackie Dziadosz, Marketing Coordinator.” Technology is where the kids are today so its necessary to implement that here.

Jeffrey Seebold, Union County Library Systems Technology Training Services organizes monthly 3D printing workshops for all ages at the coordinator Lewisburg location.

”It’s open for little ones to adults,” said Seebold. ” I had some senior citizens last year make 3-D pumpkins that look like owls.”

Jeff four really does a great job of helping the older crowd and their devices and getting them acquainted with computers and programs. It has been very helpful with the older community who have there can’t be room for these kinds of questions.

”SomeĀ  (projects) take a couple of minutes, some take 5 or 6 hours,” said Seebold.

”They can all learn how to do this 3-D design from tinkercad. com,” said Seebold.” It’s free to learn and use. They even have lessons on there to teach anyone from little children to adults.”

”I’ve seen a lot of kids to the 3-D printing program and they’re always excited to play around on the computer and just see something that is on a screen come to real life and to touch and feel it,” said Dziadosz.

The library has a monthly tech program as well on a variety of topics. ”Next month is tech the halls where Jeffery is going to share information on tech gadgets and what you can buy on the internet and give out suggestions and recommendations,” said Dziadosz.

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