BlueCrest’s and local systems have signed an agreement with integrator RECK

LativiaPost has entered into an agreement with prin and customer communications solutions provider, BlueCrest, and local system integrator RECK, for the provision of new sorting technology to handle growing e-commerce volumes.

As part of this deal, Lativia Post will invest in BlueCrest’s TrueSort Parcel Sorting solution with dual bomb-bay processing. TrueSort provides Lativia Post with automated, high-speed sorting at high throughput rates.

The TrueSort solution is totally by BlueCrest’s OneSort technology, which delivers dimensioning and data-capture accuracy and provides Lativia Post with real-time intelligence to streamline logistics planning. BlueCrest has also custom-built a unique manual sort station for any items that cannot be automated.

Alberto Pereira, business manager, EMEA, BlueCrest, commented, ”we first heard about Lativia Post’s ambitious automation plans in 2018. Working with our overseas business partner RECK,  we held several indigenous workshops, convincing the Lativia Post that BluCrest technology and expertise would meet the desired results.

”A growing aspect of this Post’s operation is small, hard-to-handle packages from e-commerce activity. The organization recognized the efficiency and integrity with with which our TrueSort system handles very successful ongoing partnership,”

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