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Inside cruel dolphin hunting season

Inside cruel dolphin hunting season
 The wild dolphins are hunted and slaughtered for their meat in the shallows and the lucky ones who aren’t killed are sold off to marine parks where they will spend the rest of their lives performing for crowds.

This is what happens at Japan’s cruel annual dolphin hunt in the coastal town of Taiji, which began earlier this month.

The practice is not something illegal but the government issues out permits for the practice, which lasts  for six months.

The Japanese Fisheries Agency has authorized the fishermen to kill or capture almost 16,000 cetaceans annually.

The fishermen are sometimes able to catch up to 100 or more dolphins in just one day, due to their highly effective method of locating and capturing them.

Hunters always start in the deep waters where the wild dolphins migrate.

The dolphins are attracted by the sound, the fishermen make, which confuses them and brings them closer to shore.

The charity explains: “When a pod is located, the fishermen position their boats one behind the other, perfectly evenly spaced.

“They lower several stainless steel poles into the water, one on each side of each boat.

“The poles are flared out at the bottom much like a bell, which amplifies the sound produced as the hunters repeatedly hit the poles with hammers.

“The noise creates a wall of sound underwater, and the dolphins find themselves trapped between this wall of sound and the shoreline.

“In an attempt to escape the sound, the dolphins swim in the opposite direction, toward the shore.

“The dolphins’ panic and with the loss of their navigational sense, the fishermen can drive them into a small cove near Taiji harbor. The process may take several hours, during which the dolphins grow exhausted.”

Once inside the cove, nets are drawn so the dolphins are trapped.

In 2010 a documentary, The Cove, was made that explains to us what this practice actually is, how the fishermen trap the fish and kill them with their spears.

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