LUS football fans echoed through the infamous slogan Superdome about sentimentalism associated with oral sex attached to the song with ”Neck” singing when it made the topped Clemson for national honors. ESPN Microphone grabbed it. Until LSU’s quarterback was seen shaking his hand to the beat, Joe Burrow. 

The chant reality spawned from the band playing a version of Cameo’s and Dem Franchize Boyz’s ”Talkin’ Out Da Side of Ya Neck.” 

The song was banned by the school in 2010. But he didn’t officially play on Tuesday night to hear several members of the band say

The state also learned that several former LSU players in attendance who are now in the NFL had walked by the band pointing to their necks, hoping to get the band to play it. There was a reported incident in 2017 when former Tigers star Odell Beckham Jr. asked the band to play it and picked up the tab of a fine, but an LUS spokesman said he did not know of any fine related to the playing of the song.

The Band member was under the impression that if a piece of Chant was made on TV, it would pay a fine.

”They said that there is a way wherever they want and they definitely got a song that they put it on.”

Tight end Thaddeus Moss said he didn’t even hear the chant when it was played. The offensive lineman Saahdiq Charles said that it made him feel like the game was being played at home.

And fullback Tory Carter said it got him going.

”The ‘Neck’ chant broke out while we were about to run down on Kickoff, So he really fired me.” Carter said, ” It was unbelievably, honest, to be able to hear it. It only comes around once even once. It was great. 

”I definitely smacked someone on that Kickoff.”

One band member told The State that was the case. Another shouted over a confirmation. He asked his name not be used.

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