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How Common Are Your Guilty Pleasures

Did you know that 38% of Americans are ashamed of their guilty pleasures?

Honestly, we thought that figure might be higher considering how taboo some of our societal vices are. If you’re like us, then you’ve got to be curious about what the most common vices in the US are.

Today we’re taking a look at the six most common guilty pleasures of Americans. Let’s dive in.


Coffee is one of the world’s favorite beverages and fuels the fast-paced work culture of the US. The good news for those of us that adore it is that quality coffee beans are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols that are known to improve our bodies’ response to insulin, lower blood pressure, and act as significant anti-inflammatories.

Just be careful not to drink too much before bedtime, or you’ll have difficulty sleeping from all that caffeine.


While there are risks to drinking alcohol, indulging in an occasional glass of red wine isn’t so bad. The red varietals of wine contain antioxidants that may help protect your heart and decrease inflammation.

However, science is still torn on just how effective they are when consumed through wine. It’s best to drink responsibly, but if you are going to partake in this common guilty pleasure, reach for a glass of red.


Getting a great massage is an indulgent experience, but it’s actually good for you, unlike some other common vices. According to the Emory University School of Medicine, by getting regular massages, you can lower your body’s production of stress hormones.

These hormones are known to increase inflammation, degrade muscle cells, and suppress your immune system. The lower they are, the better for your overall health.


Sex is one of, if not the, most common guilty pleasure humanity indulges in. Whether you’re flying solo or with a partner, regular sexual activity promotes wellness. It can boost your immune system, lower your stress levels, and lower your blood pressure.

The best part of all is that sexual activity counts as exercise. It won’t completely replace your need to hit the gym, but it is definitely more fun than running on the treadmill.

Sleeping In

None of us are strangers to the evils inflicted upon us by alarm clocks, but did you know that the University of Munich discovered that you’re more at risk of being overweight if you aren’t waking up naturally according to your body’s internal clock?

The effects of not getting enough rest are far more insidious than just carrying a few extra pounds. Sleep deprivation can cause mood changes, memory and concentration issues, high blood pressure, and can even weaken your immune system. So go ahead and sleep in when you’re able to; your body will thank you for it.


It won’t take six licks of a tootsie pop to figure out that smoking isn’t healthy for you; a quick Google search will remedy that. Inhaling anything but clean air is bad for your lungs, yet it’s still one of the most common human vices.

Whether you favor tobacco, herbs, or weed, you aren’t alone when it comes to partaking in this vice. We’ve learned a lot about the effects of smoking on our bodies, thanks to science. Even just 50 years ago, smoking in social environments was prevalent here in the US.

Was Your Guilty Pleasure on Our List of the Most Common Vices?

Did our list of the most common vices include your favorite guilty pleasure? Let us known on your favorite social media platform how many of these vices you indulge in.

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