The protests have gone into the 12th week in Hong Kong as tens of thousands are expected to turn up at a local district protesting against the government this Saturday afternoon. While another rally aimed at blocking transport to the airport is also planned.

The aim of the demonstrators is to pressurize the Hong Kong government to respond to the protesters demands. Some of the demands are:

  1. To withdraw the extradition bill according to which individuals can be sent to China for trial.
  2. The setting up of an independent body to investigate police violence, and
  3. The free election of Hong Kong’s leaders and legislature

People participated peacefully in this demonstration and formed a human chain stretched for kilometers along both sides of the Hong Kong harbor.

The peaceful demonstration was carried out in the same way as the one by anti-Soviet protesters in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 1989 that became known as the Baltic Way.

The march which is supposed to take place in Kowloon’s Kwun Tong district will also be against the government’s plans to install smart lamp-posts. Though the authorities have claimed that the lamp posts would collect air quality, traffic flow and weather data only, the people have some privacy concerns.

Hong Kong’s metro company on Saturday made this decision to stop operating trains along a large stretch of a line from 12pm local time. This is one of the step’s to stop protesters from reaching the protest in Kwun Tong, for which the police has given permission.The Kwun Tong station and three nearby stations will be closed completely until further notice.

These steps are taken after the accusation of the State media who accused the metro company of helping the protesters.

The local media had noted that whereas the metro company had stopped the train service in the troubled areas previously but they had not taken any such step now.

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