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Health Work Underpins Recovery Business

Health Work Underpins Recovery Business

Decades of experience in health and nutrition form the foundation of new business for Dunedin woman Ruth Zeinrt.

Living is another six-week wool program for cancer survivors and those aiming to boost energy levels, support comfort and recovery, and enhance fitness.

Mr. Zeinert created Living Will see so many people struggling to return to their lives and to the spark back after treatment for cancer or chronic illness.

Mr. Zeinert said ” that there are now great facilities for cancer sufferers, but there is definitely a gap when people complete their treatment or ask for a long-term apology.

”People can find themselves luckily in the real world but at the moment there are a bit lost at that point and can cause a lot of trouble.

”There is no such thing as a diagnosis you should make some lifestyle changes, but it can be so confusing around the analysis, especially around there.

”And there is so much evidence around the benefits of being physically active, not just for fitness and wellbeing, but also to promote healing.”

In her 20 years of qualifying as a physoitharopict, Ms. Zeinert worked in various fields of health care, from emergency care to the public health system.

She has also completed both a gentle massage course and a massage for cancer and chronic illness courses through a Postgraduate Diploma in Science and NZ College of Massage.


After carefully observing the Gulf of cancer survivors, Ms. Zeinert has developed Living Well to cover four key areas: Good movements to eat well, breathe well and sleep well.

People’s intention was to work on the most connected areas, to increase energy and well-being, with the desire to unite people.

”The main focus is to help people to know and set some goals and priorities and then consider making a long-term sustainable change.”

Ms.Zeinert first developed her business idea through the GigCity Startup Dunedin Co. Starters program, a nine-week course to help people test and develop a business idea before going to launch.

Since then, she has been developing the concept further by talking with cancer survivors and others. While the Living Well program would initially be focused on cancer survivors, the principles could work for any longterm illness, she said.


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