Boris Johnson has finally ditched David Cameron’s migration numbers pledge only for Priti Patel to bring it back.

For a decade the Conservatives have been haunted by their notorious broken commitment to deliver dramatic reductions in immigration.

Ahead of the 2010 election David Cameron Vowed to cut net annual immigration below 100,000 and his six years with Theresa, he had pledged Secretary and three Prime Ministers with the Secretary of state.

The two leaders never came close to hitting their target. When immigration rose three times near that level. Which is a sign of the government’s failure to implement aggressive rhetoric?

But despite some year of evidence, conservatives resurrected the promise of 2015 that it was impossible to implement.

Mostly political leaders believe that immigration was a key trigger in the referendum because, in the minds of millions of voters, the issue was linked to the EU.

Mrs. May certainly drew that conclusion and made ending free movements from the EU a red line in here Brexit negotiations-Light EU citizens represent a smaller number of newcomers than immigrants coming out of the block.

His departure gave Boris Johnson the chance to discover a promise that has been hanging around the last two Tory prime ministers.

Instead, his Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has simply insisted: ”We will reduce immigration overall.”

They have not put up figures or timescales for their policy commitments as the Tories have tried to convey to voters the vaguer message that the party can be trusted more to hold on to immigration than Labour.

Tory ‘fake news’

They are not so happy about the future level of migration under the Labor government, claiming that net migration could ”surge” to 840,000 per year if Mr, Corbyn makes it to Downing Street.

”The Tories insisted that equivalent t the combined population of Manchester and Newcastle go to the United Kingdom every year”.

Dian Abbott, Labour’s shadow home secretary, responded: ”This is more fake news from the Conservative Party’s make-believe research department. Unlike the Tories, We won’t scapegoat migrants or depo our own Windrush-generation citizens.”

For the moment, however, Labor knows he is weak on the issue until he voices his immigration policy.

One of the most troubling issues facing Mr.Corbyn and Labour seniors will be when they hammer out this election manifesto


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