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Finding a Good Videographer in Melbourne

The strong demand for videographers in Melbourne continues to rise, and for an apparent reason. Nowadays, high-quality video is a necessity as a memento of every big day or special occasion. 

However, when it boils down to the actual job of recording wedding videos or any special day, you should pick the right person. It must be someone who has years of experience and can give you the highest quality of film that does justice to the event. 

Now, the question is, where to find a good videographer in Melbourne? Before you proceed on your search for the best videographer in town, take note of these five tips. 

1. Take a look at recent works

There are plenty of Melbourne-based videographers who’ll claim to be the best in their field. However, don’t believe their claims easily and look at demo reels to judge a videographer’s potential. 

Their recent works should reflect on how good the team is when it comes to photography and video editing. This gives a good sense of what to expect from pre and post-production. Since, you’ll base your expectations on the recent projects of the video production company. 

So, if you’re looking for a different videography studio to shoot because their style doesn’t suit your taste, don’t be afraid to look for another. You’ll know that a video production team is good when their work portfolio speaks for themselves.

2. Check customer reviews and testimonials

Some video productions company will go through lengths to show that they’re the best wedding videographers in Melbourne. They over-promise just to secure customers but fail to deliver a high-quality wedding video.

Whether it’s for a wedding day, a wedding reception or any event, your choice of videographer should be able to deliver what you want. Does your chosen videographer have enough video production equipment to get the job done?

Other than their portfolio, here’s how you can verify their reliability:

  • Check Reviews – Do a quick Google search and see what people are saying. You’ll come across varied statements about the videographer as well as their products and services. You can see reviews on sites such as Google My Business and on social media like Facebook.
  • Check Testimonials – You are safe if you manage to choose someone who has positive testimonials about their work. But, make sure to check if the testimonials are from real people based in Melbourne. 
  • Get a Guarantee – Wedding photography can get pretty expensive. Your best bet is to bind the videographer and his team in a contract that states their deliverables which embody your vision. After all, your goal is to pick the right Melbourne filmmaker that won’t need micro-managing from your end.

3. Request for a pitch

If you have a unique venue for your event, it’s a great idea to ask for a creative pitch. This is actually common for Melbourne wedding filmmakers as this is how they convince people to hire them. 

What you should do from your end is get as many creative pitches as you can and pick one that stands out from the rest with his photography and videography skills. Here are some other tips:

  • Ask for fresh ideas before giving the “go” signal. It’s part of their job to give you plenty of creative options fit for your venue to help you reach your goal.
  • Ask about their level of familiarity with the event such as Melbourne wedding, debut, concert, etc. It’s best to work with someone who’s located in Melbourne and already knows the niche.
  • Write a brief and sent it to your potential choices. Ask them to provide some suggestion on how they’ll film a Melbourne wedding or any specific event in a unique manner. 

4. Opt for packages

Like most wedding suppliers, there are Melbourne videographers that offer several packages to help clients choose the right services. Packages are ideal because you can pick something that aligns with both your needs and budget. 

A common misconception about video packages is that you get to receive full-length footage of all angles of the event. Although this is an option offered by some, it’s likely that the final product will be an edited masterpiece highlighting the best parts of the occasion. 

5. Ask about multiple options to deliver

Deliver refers to the method in which the film or video will be delivered. When deciding which person to work with, you may want to explore these methods of delivery:

  • Dropbox
  • External Hard Drive 
  • USB Stick or Pen Drive
  • Burned DVD

Besides delivering the footage for your personal use, the videographer can also upload your videos on a video streaming website like YouTube so you and your guests can view it online.

Good videographers will also make an effort to guide you through online deployment. Getting a good quality video is one thing, but making sure it plays the best way and in the best place is entirely different. Find someone who’ll go the extra mile and offer support for you through to the final stage.

Shoot Your Big Day With the Best Team

Are you scheduled to host an event in Melbourne, Australia? Consider these five pieces of advice, and you’ll find someone who can produce the best videos for your special occasion.

Don’t get skimpy about the price of getting videos recorded as it’s something you can keep and replay forever. Don’t pay for something cheap that will only fail to edit and compose your videos the way you want it to be.



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