Members of K-pop band Exo have had their passport information leaked by a Vietnamese airport staff member, according to Vn Express.

The Passport information of Sehun and Chayeol was leaked by a member of staff at Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport, Vietnam on Saturday, January 11, say reports.

A staff member identified by social media users as a Hoang Ngoc,took a photo of their passport pages and sent them to friends in a group chat. The screen grabs of messages and the images then made their way online.

Ngoc has since been fired, according to Vietnamese police. He has posted an account with apologies on Facebook, which has since been made private.

”Sorry Exo fans,”she wrote in a translated message, ”I just took this picture to send to my friends I honestly didn’t expect this information to come but asked you to stop sharing the photos.”

EXO was in Vietnam for the 2020 K-Pop Super Concert in Hanoi on Friday, January 10.

In the United Arab Emirates, I have found K. Pop Nine- Pieces a huge success. In October last year, the Dubai Star was included in the original set of prestigious awards and were among the UAE 10 most streamed K-pop artists on Spotify in 2019.

Their song Power was played to a choreographed water show at the Dubai Fountain in 2018 and in the same year, they had their faces projected onto the Bujh Khalifa in a light and sound show.

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