Election candidates need to prove they are prepared to stand up for the Norfolk countryside, according to charity campaigners.

Countryside charity CPRE Norfolk has launched its general election manifesto.

Inside its manifesto, the charity urges candidates of all political colors to enjoy the rights of everyone to enjoy the ruler that promotes a healthy economy and a prosperous society.

Our countryside: the document called for a manifesto for the next governments calls for better policy from the parties. Who supports developing and empowered communities to use the land effectively and to deal with the dangers posed by climate change.

Michael Rayner, from CPRE Norfolk, said: ”The beauty of the countryside of Norfolk and the beauty of England is more famous. It is an essential place for our health and wellness which offers many benefits.

”Finding solutions to promote rural communities when dealing with environmental emergencies is beyond politics.

”That is why today we ask candidates of all parties to actively promote, enhance and protect Norfolk’s beautiful and unique landscape.

We encourage all members of the Unity to write letters to candidates who insist that they support our manifesto for the next government.

CPRE manifesto emphasizes on candidates if elected to support policies that.

Dealing with climate emergencies, Farming practices to achieve net cleanliness emissions by 200 by balancing energy supply and promoting energy efficiency in the home.

Help the countryside for everyone, especially for children and families who do not yet have access, as well as introducing an ‘all-in’ deposit return scheme for can s and bottles;

Plan for communities-supporting a well-resourced planning system that empowers communities and promotes development which responds to needs.

Create growing rural communities-providing genuinely affordable homes and infrastructure.

Campaign for an offshore main ring-avoiding disruption from offshore wind farm construction through an ORM-where wind farm would join the same connection via a marine cable


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