According to a Gallup poll Survey, more than 13% million Americans say about 34 million people have been expelled in the last five years after a friend or family member was unable to get treatment recently passed away.

The survey, conducted by 1, 100 people in 50% states in September, did not confirm deaths due to lack of care. But the results suggest that the skyrocketing value of prescription drugs and essential care is preventing American Adults from dealing with health problems.

A quarter of those who responded to the survey said they could not afford prescribed medication at one of the previous year’s females were about 10% more likely to report the cost as a barrier.

Low-income respondents were more likely to get sick and unable to pay for medicines. More than 40% of respondents with more than 40,000 annual household incomes were not ill. Almost half of them said they would need to use a credit card or loan to pay for their medical bills.

The study found that 85% of Americans support the law on reducing prescription drug costs at the cost of pharmaceuticals. Besides, the income level education and employment status were reviewed.

Health care costs more in the United States.

When it comes to healthcare costs, the United States remains an outlet, Us health care costs are two times higher than in other developed countries and for many Americans, there is nothing more worthy of life-saving treatment.

Health care spending in the US averages almost $10,000 individually. The median cost of care for other developed countries is just over $4,000, according to an analysis from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Dr. David Bishai told CNN the conditions create the ” perfect storm” for gaps in care: pharmaceutical costs are climbing as Americans are made to pay higher deductibles for prescription drugs.

”There are effective steps by insurance companies to encourage consumers to prescribe prescription drugs,” he said. people are going after it instead.

”Some people prioritize other things above life-saving drugs out of desperation, ” They often refer to housing care and food needs, and often come with medication.

Although the launch of the Affordable care Act over the past five years, the rate of non-insured people has dropped significantly. That number started to rise again. Gallup reported that 13.7% of US adults are uninsured.


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