Effectively Managing your Fleet and Drivers Using Dashboard Cameras and Dispatching Software
Effectively Managing your Fleet and Drivers Using Dashboard Cameras and Dispatching Software

Effectively Managing your Fleet and Drivers Using Dashboard Cameras and Dispatching Software

Dashboard Camera

A Dashboard camera is attached to the windshield of the vehicle or the rear view mirror to record both the road and the driver. These cameras record and relay footage and pictures automatically through a 4g network. It is powered using a cigarette lighter cable and starts recording from the moment the ignition is turned on.

This footage is recorded continuously in 3-minute segments, stored in an SD card.The quality of the video can range anywhere between 480p to 4k. It also has a slot for a sim that allows it to store videos in cloud storage as well as stream it remotely.

The dashboard camera proves useful in many scenarios, where video evidence plays an important role. The video recorded can always be reviewed in case of accidents, theft and also monitors the driver. This helps promote safety as the drivers avoid using cell phones or other distraction.

The camera records instances of distracted drivers and reckless driving, which are later reviewed by the fleet manager.In case of an accident the footage can be used as evidence and also to claim insurance. The camera also ensures that no unauthorized driver uses the vehicle.

Dash camera are an ideal solution for Fleet Managers and Family members because it gives them a sense of security by continuously relaying footage from the time the vehicle’s ignition is on.

Using Dashboard Cameras to Manage Fleets

With current advancements in the technology various tools and devices have been developed to optimize efficiency and save time, whilst still adhering to quality standards. The dashboard camera plays a key role in ensuring Driver and Vehicle Safety along with promoting good driver behavior. Use of this device helps the fleet manager to monitor and keep track of the driver and safety.

Effectively Managing your Fleet and Drivers Using Dashboard Cameras and Dispatching Software

Most organisations irrespective of their fleet size have noticed significant improvement in their day to day operations after integrating Dashboard cameras in their vehicles. This is also used to incentive drivers to drive safe and also meet deadlines, through gamification. In other words, drivers felt encouraged to follow safety norms as well work more efficiently.

Dispatch Tracking

Dispatch Tracking is a solution that automates the whole process of scheduling and assigning routes for deliveries. This tool allows real time tracking of the vehicles that are assigned a particular task. It also ensures that the vehicle arrives at the designated location using the most optimal route thereby significantly improving the bottom-line of the business.

How it Works

The software processes the order and selects the fastest and most economical route that is shared via GPS. It also takes into consideration the next order and dispatches the other vehicles accordingly. The fleet manager is able to track and monitor the vehicles, making sure that they reach the customer or client’s location on time. In case of any delay, the fleet manager can dispatch another vehicle and notify the customer about the same.

The software can also be integrated into billing, automating it to generate accurate bills. This proves especially useful to businesses that have multiple routes and stops for deliveries/pickups or services. It creates a log of all the trips completed, thus making it easier to bill the customer. The dispatch software helps businesses provide unparalleled customer support with the ease of real time updates and flexibility. It can also be integrated into the payroll, so drivers get compensated fairly and makes the system transparent.

Benefits of Using Dispatch Software

Most fleet managers are at ease knowing that their drivers are safe and being productive. It helps promote good driver behaviour, since the driver is aware that he is being monitored and also provides a sense of security for the driver and the fleet manager. It can also be used to block cell phone distractions, when the vehicle’s ignition is on.

Most business have incorporated a rewards program that incentivises its drivers for their performance. Key Parameters are taken into consideration such as number of trips completed, punctuality and quality of service. It also keeps check on the idling time, events of over speeding, rash driving, hard braking and unauthorised/unscheduled stops.

The dispatch software helps the business to provide seamless and unparalleled customer support, when used with other fleet managing solutions such as Dashboard cameras, proximity sensors, ELDs and cell phone barring. This has been proven effective in improving the business’ bottom-line.

This software also allows the driver to share his location with the customer, so that they know the ETA. There are many customization that can be made to better suit the nature of that particular business. It can also be used to track any asset, such as trailers or tractors and machinery that don’t have their own power source. This is done by providing a GPS unit with its own internal power source.

The software extremely versatile and simplifies day to day operations and is pivotal for businesses that are constantly expanding their fleet size. It makes managing the vehicles easy, thereby allowing the business owner to focus on other aspects to improve productivity.

Driver Retention Programs

By using tools such as dashboard cameras and dispatch tracking software a programmer that helps incentive drivers can be put in place. This program rewards its drivers for following safety norms, ensuring deadlines are met and their quality of service. This also help remove the stigma, where drivers feel they are being micromanaged.

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