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Records show that one person among every eight individuals has some level of disability. There are more than 4 million Australians who come under this category. These statistics pertain to individuals under the age of 65. These are people who are eligible for the NDIS and the benefits it provides. 


Disability Housing is in place to provide support and care to people who have a functional impairment and certain levels of disability. 


How does NDIS help people?

    The NDIS is structured to provide much-needed funding for Australians with disabilities. Having this support means that they get to lead everyday, regular lives as much as possible. Disability accommodation is available under the NDIS.


What are the benefits of Disability Housing? 

    In a dedicated facility designed to meet all the needs of a disabled person, one will feel cared for all their needs; because people who experience this also undergo difficulty engaging with people and moving around daily. Full-time staff to help one do all their tasks will prove immensely beneficial for their health and well-being.


What are the options in Special Disability Accommodation?

One can choose from different options based on their preference for lodging. The options include:

  • Self-contained apartments
  • Group homes
  • Villa
  • Duplex and 
  • Townhouses

  The design of disability housing specifically caters to the needs of the disabled by including features like wheelchair accessibility and better wayfinding. 

    Based on the amount of care one needs, they can choose personal and clinical care. The former includes services such as help with daily tasks like eating, bathing, etc. Clinical care covers enhanced medical attention and physiotherapy. 


What are the services that disabled housing services provide?

  • Support with day-to-day tasks:

The staff help people with everyday tasks and activities. It is no doubt that disabled people struggle with daily affairs and chores the most. But they never have to feel inadequate or helpless, as there are caretakers to help them with anything they need. 

    The staff present in such housing aid with laundry, cooking, cleaning, and other such activities. They put their benefactor’s needs first. Their only goal is to make life easy and comfortable for their clients. Personal care and other daily routines will be made easier with extra hands on the deck. 


  1. Meal Planning    

One cannot deny that proper meals are one of the fundamental needs of all human beings. Everyone deserves to have healthy, hearty meals they love.

Caretakers at these facilities ensure that they cater to the nutritional requirements of all individuals under their care. Living in aged care or group home automatically entails special dietary needs, which can be handled proficiently by trained staff. 

Cultural and religious affiliations are also kept in mind while preparing meals. The dieticians chart out meal plans that meet the daily requirements of each individual as well.

  • Assist in Social Interaction:

It is not just daily activities that people need help to live a happy life. Entertainment and interaction are as big a part as basic needs. They help reduce stress and make time for socialising that can brighten one’s day. 

    The staff is there for any needs, including playing games. What is life if one cannot have fun while living it? So be it any activity or interaction the staff will be glad to engage. 

  • Medical Care:

They prioritise the medical attention that disabled people deserve. They need special attention and care, which will be efficiently provided by the caretakers. They maintain a well-designed medical schedule for each person they take under their wing. 



The staff and caretakers at disabled accommodation help manage all medical needs and ensure the care they deserve is not overlooked.


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