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Different Ways To Access Torrent Website Like YTS Or Kickass Torrent Website?

If you are searching for a solution to get easy access to YTS or Kat, then you will get an answer here. But first, you should know what YTS is?

YTS is a well-known platform for the downloading of movies without any cost. It is also a peer to peer torrent site which permits their user to free download online movies.

For a long time, it is an arguable torrent website. But because of its downloading capacity and a large number of users, it got great popularity.  

The original site of YTS is consists of a wide directory of gaming files, web series, movies, music files, and TV shows.

Not only this, you can get all the above-mentioned content in many languages of your choice which includes Chinese, English, Korean, Indian and Japanese. For many years, YTS give their services as single-step entertainment.

What is YTS?

YTS is also known by the name of YIFY torrents and YIFY movies. It is the right place to get and download torrent movies like Kickass torrents. The user can download the desirable file in any format like full HD, 1080p HD, 720p HD, and Blu-Ray.

Besides this, YTS torrent is free of cost; it means you never have to pay any price for the downloading of content, use of the website, and unblocking of YIFY movies.

Additionally, you will be able to download content and videos of high quality. You will also get an option for subtitles of multiple languages without any cost.

There are great numbers of the user who make sure their visit at this website instead of other. The main reason is users have to face many useless requirements asked by those torrent websites.

Another website also requires some specific requirements and policies to get access to the torrent sites.

Are YTS and YIFY the same thing?

It is one of the most asked questions by many audiences. Let’s know about it.

YIFY Torrents- this name was given after the founder of this site and his name was Yiftach Swery. This site was designed to provide their user free of cost and online downloading content.

This website was banned because of some copyright content by UK authorities. According to the UK laws, it is illegal to download and share copyright content, otherwise, the copyright owner can take action.

After being banned, this website came into being by other name yify-torrents. So that user can access YIFY. B

In the year 2014, the owner of the site Yiftach step down, so the website was rebranded as YIFY Torrent Solutions – YTS

Why YTS banned? 

It is not false that this torrent website got great popularity among many other torrent websites like Kat, or Pirate Bay, until 2015 when the UK authority filed a law against this website for providing a large number of copyright content without the permission of the owner.

It was a great loss because the popularity of the website began to drop. However, YIFY or YTS browsers make an effort to operate their site with different names.  

How to download movies with YTS Torrents?

In the beginning, for the downloading of YTS files, you require a BitTorrent client. The BitTorrent client includes Deluge or uTorrent and so on.

But the best one that works efficiently is uTorrent. It is simple to monitor and comes with great capabilities. 

After this, follow the following steps:  

Step no. 1: First of all download and then install the VPN software which must be a third party. You can also download the chrome extension. 

Step no. 2: Now you simply have to press on any YIFY mirror site or YIFY proxy.

Step no. 3: After this, you have to find a movie of your choice with filters and then select the video quality.  

Step no. 4: Then press on the file, use the uTorrent and open it. Now select various files like wallpaper, subtitles, and click to download the file.

Different ways to access the YTS or other torrent website like Kat:

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If a torrent website like YTS or Kickass torrents is blocked in your country then there are different ways to access these torrent websites, all are given below.


Accessing the torrent website like YTS, Kat, or Pirate Bay with the help of a VPN is the best way. Basically, the VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides you with their private server to access the torrent website.

VPN always hides your identity, which means you are accessing the torrent website like YTS or Kickass torrents anonymously. 

Premium VPN always provide you with complete protection they don’t save your identity, your activity log and history details, other than this they also provide you with complete protection against different viruses and malware.

Access with Tor Browser:

Tor is also considered one of the best open-source tools that provide you with the opportunity to access any blocked website anonymously. 

You can easily access the torrent website like YTS or Kickass torrents, tor browser always replaces your original IP address to the fake one.

Access with YTS proxy sites:

The best and safest way to access YTS or any other torrent website like Kat is to access with the help of a YTS proxy site.

Proxy sites contain the content of the original website but come with a specific name, which means you will get the original content from these proxy sites.

Basically, a proxy site works as a middle man between you and the original site, in my recommendation, it is the best way to access the torrent website like YTS or Kat

Access to YTS Torrent by VPN

If you want to get access to a torrent website in your country, then you have to download the VPN. So, first, you should know, how VPN will work.

VPN is abbreviated as Virtual Private Network. When you download the VPN and activate it. It will put you in the private tunnel of the network. 

It will not show your original IP and as a result, it allows you to get access to the blocked and restricted websites.  

Besides this, because of regulatory affairs, some specific websites are blocked in some countries but on other hand, accessible in other countries. 

For example, the YTS or other torrent website like Kickass torrents may be restricted in Australia, but it may be accessible or not blocked in India. 

In this case, VPN is the only way to get access to those websites. It permits you to set India as your present location. 

Then it will give you access to the YTS torrent website without any hurdle. On other hand, some proxy sites and mirror sites are still not accessible and blocked in specific countries. So it becomes inevitable for the user.

In this way, the only solution is to use an effective and authentic VPN for the best results. There are two most known VPN to get access to the YTF torrent website.   

Best VPNs:

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It is the best, secure, and most authentic VPN service on the internet. The main key point of this VPN is that it is specifically equipped with AES-256-GCM which is a reliable data encryption method. 

So it offers great reliability and security. Not only this, but it also offers free trials of a maximum of 30-days. Additionally, you will get an option to connect many devices with the only account. 

If you want to have a premium account, then the Surfshark VPN will charge approximately $2 for one month’s services.  


Itis also one of the authentic and reliable VPNs. It is a little bit expensive as compared to Surfshark. Its price for a premium account is $3.5 for one month’s services. Besides this, it permits you to connect up to 5 devices to one account. 

The Nord VPN provides premium features with a high-security interface. So if you consider yourself a movie buff, then both of these VPNs are worth it.

You should also know about some other reliable and efficient VPN which mainly includes: 

  • Private VPN
  • Express VPN
  • CyberGhost 
  • Browse ZenMate

Get YTS access through TOR:

Tor is known as one of the open-source tools. It permits the user to browse the internet with the maintenance of full anonymity. 

The user can also use Tor to get YTS torrent website access. 

Before installing, you should know how it works? It hides your IP address and replaces it with a fake one. In this way, you can get access to torrent websites within a few minutes. 

Step no. 1: First of all, download this Tor browser and make sure its installation. 

Step no. 2: Now you have to download the torrent client. As per recommendations, I would like to suggest you, uTorrent client. So install it on your device.

Step no. 3: Open it and begin the setting for the proxy as given below. 

Type – Socks5


Port:- 9150 or 9050

After all, this setting, press the option “Start Tor Browser”. Now the proxy address will automatically be allowed. 

Now you can download any file or any content from the YTS torrent website. 

All these above-mentioned ways to get access to blocked websites are not completely safe and secure but these are the best methods that you can adopt.  

How to access the YTS with the help of a proxy site?

We all know what is proxy site and how we access it, if you don’t know then let me explain to you. Proxy sites are clone version of the original website that comes with the specific domain name but contains all the content of the original website.

There are too many YTS proxy sites are present on the internet, but all proxy sites are not worthy of use. Most of them are very slow and contain dangerous viruses.

And most working proxy sites are blocked by the ISP or by the other authorities, that’s why we have prepared a list of proxy sites for 2021.

So, all are given below and remember one thing all sites given below are working, you can use anyone to download your favorite content. 

Important note: If you are going to use the proxy site to download your favorite content then remember one thing that always connects the VPN and then uses the proxy site.









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Alternatives of YTS torrent website:

There are too many alternatives of YTS torrent website are present in the market and we have listed the best alternatives of YTS torrent that are given below.

Kickass Torrent:

Kickass torrents is one of the best YTS alternatives, this torrent website contains a wide range of torrent content like movies, MP3 files, TV shows, applications and software.

However, the Kickass torrent site comes with too many features that provide you with an excellent user experience, the best part of this site is you don’t need to register yourself to download content.

You just have to connect to the VPN and open the Kat torrent website, now search you’re the content that you want to download after this click on the download link and that’s it.

Other than this the site updates its content regularly, if you are in the search of the best alternative to YTS then the Kickass torrents is the best option for you. 

Pirate Bay:

The next alternative of YTS is the Pirate Bay torrent website basically it is the home of torrent movies, TV shows, web series and games. 

Pirate Bay is the most favorite torrent website of too many people because of its huge collection of movies, TV shows, and many more.

The best part of this torrent website is its user interface, you can easily use the Pirate Bay torrent website without any disturbance or difficulty.


If you are in the search of an all-in-one YTS alternative, then in my recommendation the isoHunt is the perfect option for you

This torrent website provides you with the opportunity to download the web series, music, movies even you can download the games, applications and software’s.

The amazing thing is the advanced search mechanism, which lets every user search for their favorite content very easily.


The CiniSearch torrent website is specially made for web series fans, it contains a large number of web series and TV shows in different languages.

However, it is one of the best free online movie streaming websites that comes with a user-friendly interface and a wide variety of TV shows and web series.


LimeTorrent is the most unique and amazing torrent website among all YTS torrent alternatives. However, it is one of the best online streaming websites that provides you with the opportunity to schedule a download.

The best part of this website is it allows you to review the content that you have downloaded and help other people to know about the content and website.

Just like the YTS torrent, the LimeTorrent also allows you to download web series, TV shows, movies, games, software etc.


If the YTS and the other torrent websites like Kickass torrents blocked in your country, then you can easily access with the help of above given methods.

But remember one thing at the time of accessing the torrent website like Kat, Pirate Bay or YTS you must have to connect the VPN, because it provides you the complete safety.

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