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Are Your Youtube Intros Boring? Try This

Are Your Youtube Intros Boring? Try This

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms of social media. It has more than 2 billion users today. One may find it interesting to know that every minute, 300 hours of video gets uploaded there. Furthermore, you may know that there are 5 billion videos watched every single day worldwide. That is, for sure, a lot of content.

But then, the question arises: how will you make your videos being watched and subscribed for more? How will you get that visibility for the channel you have on YouTube. There is so much traffic, as the above stats have already shown us. One needs to find means to make videos in such a way that keeps the users engaged. The videos should captivate the audience and subscribers.

As we all know, there is the young generation that is most active on these platforms. And they will not be very patient if the content appears less attractive in the beginning only. So the intros of the videos can be the means through which you can gather and keep the audience engaged. Otherwise, you face the risk of losing them.

People aged 18 to 29 years will not wait for the video to get interesting at the end. They will instead switch to some other content right when they find a video boring. But you can make a difference. It will be through the right ways of making video intros for the channels. 

There are several ways of making the intro of the videos in such ways to keep them captivating. Some of them are as follow:

Keeping The Videos Short, Straightforward

It is a must. Not everyone likes to watch very long videos. When you make your point in short videos, that keeps the subscribers attached to your channels for a longer time. You can keep the introduction just about 15 seconds and the whole video to about 2 to 3 minutes. It is the ideal limit for any video.

Show Your Users Some Vibrant Colors

When the colors appearing in the videos are vibrant and catchy, they will attract the audience. The people find them engaging, interesting, high-quality as well as delightful. Furthermore, you should also keep the pace or speed of the videos right. You can choose to keep it not too fast and not too slow.

Further, one can also go ahead, giving the video some unexpected patterns. It can be through animation effects and quirky music. That will surely keep it all interesting.

Be Precise With Your Content

Whatever content you show, make sure it is accurate and to the point. If people find fluff and exaggeration there, they will switch on to some other video. You need to be on the matter and make things crisp and clear. You need to keep the focus on the video and its content.

Sync The Promo With Your Brand Image

There are so many colors and props we use in the videos. These visuals and support should be in sync with your brand image. You need to ensure that the audience can connect with your brand.

You must keep the intro captivating; it can be a challenging task, as well. But this will surely earn you more subscribers and views. Have a peek here and know more.

Coming to the next part of the blog, how will you make all the above happen? There is so much competition in the market for one to be able to manage all this alone. You will also need a designing expert to get this all done—the solution in the form of a youtube intro maker. There are several of them, so choose the right youtube intro maker for your projects.   

Following are some interesting facts about a youtube intro maker, the exciting tool for making unique intros:

They Let You Enjoy A High-End Animation

You are never going to be wrong when making use of the famous youtube intro maker, Video Creek. Further, you should use the video-makers to make promos both catchy as well as fun to watch. One cannot rely upon the video editing software for every time creating a promo. That can be very time-consuming. So better to use such options for making those exciting promos.

You will get preloaded templates to use. They will contain high-end animation and several other visual effects for intro makers. You will only need to plan a concept and then do a check from the options available.

It Is Easy To Upload And To Create

Such intro makers are straightforward to use. You will not find any difficulty in uploading them and creating nice intros. They also do not ask for any extra or expert designing abilities. You can just go ahead with adding your logos and images, props and text messages, background score.  

Further, there is an easy way to use them, which is a drag and drop interface. Finally, you can just click export to get the task completed. 

Templates and effects

Next, you need to fear creating or overdoing the promos. You can get here preloaded templates, as discussed. These templates come with all necessary special effects and transition effects, the enter and exit effects that the promos are ever going to need. 

Apart from this, the fonts used by you also make a huge difference. They play an essential role in your brand image and for video engagement. You can make use of the library available for these video makers. Make sure you use the right kind of font.

There is never going to be a worry about Copyrights.

Last but not least, there is no issue of Copyright here. In general, it can be costly to get full rights for music when getting access to an excellent background score for the videos you make. But, with, you can get that done quickly without any issues related to Copyrights. That will help make the entire process of video making less cumbersome.

This way, you can use to create videos in the best way. This youtube intro maker can be a significant help when making videos. That will let you enjoy more subscribers and more views and likes for your particular channel.

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