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Active Duty Military Member and they're mental health

Active Duty Military Member and they’re mental health

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), I in 4 active duty military members show signs of a mental health condition.

As a holiday approaches, Things can be a stretch for them as men and women fight to stay away from their friends and families ones at such a special time.

”One location in Panama city server a specific group of people at any time of the year so that they can be  exposed to mental health issues.”

Emerald Coast  people from all over the world work at Behavioral Hospital, not only local boroughs in Bay county

”We have referrals from Korea. Germany, we have somebody from Montana, we have just returned someone to Montana, we’ve had people from California,” said psychiatrist, Biance Harbison.

Harbinson says it offers both patient and outpatient programs, depending on the need for military members.

”We are capable of dealing with short-term serious issues such as suicidal thoughts and plans and to be able to intervene in those situations, we also have the ability to do trauma therapy.”

The facility also deals with other struggles.

We have the ability to help with chemical dependency matters. There is a small way we can remove them from outpatient services or we may have a slightly longer period of dependence on chemical patients if needed.


Man and omen in uniform are known as the strongest and bravest our country has to offer, and Harbeson says they need to accept the help they need makes more sense than.

Harbeson said,” if it were to say that such bravery would be very much supported. I need help and time to dive in and take care of the surface with them to drive in and take care of the surface with them because it is difficult to cope with everything we put in front of them.

As the hospital is recovering from Hurricane Micheal, Harbison says he is working on opening a specific wing for veterans who also need mental health help.


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