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7 Reasons Why You Need to Pursue a Career in Court Reporting

7 Reasons Why You Need to Pursue a Career in Court Reporting

Court reporters usually are sly, and they always blend in the courts. Despite some of them intervening during situations where people are debating or talking, you will not find any mischievous activity from a court reporter. Court reporting is very crucial to the justice system even if it’s usually a neutral position. Yet, most people don’t know that it’s a successful and rewarding career. If you’re not sure about pursuing it but want to learn more, you can approach Kaplan, Leaman & Wolfe Court Reporters to find out more about court reporting. 

If you don’t know what is involved in court reporting, then here are some essential reasons why you need to pursue a career in court reporting.


Working in a Courtroom Most of the Time

Being around professionals like attorneys and judges is something most people would like. It is a dream to be pursuing a career that you love surrounded by experts. 

Of course, it is very different in comparison to a regular office job or the retail industry. The law is sophisticated and offers variety and the thrill that many people are searching for. Being surrounded by legal professionals can be a great experience even though most of the time you’ll need to concentrate on work and not allow distractions to interfere, you’re your legal work. 

We Always Need Court Reporters

We will always require court reporters in our courts if they’re needed. The court system can’t always rely on video technology even if it’s prevalent today. The courts also need reporters. According to some professional lawyers, the success of the legal system depends if there are professional court reporters with a calm and friendly attitude. You won’t lack work as a court reporter due to limited opportunities. The opportunities are limitless. 

Courtroom Records are Not Just for Future References

Every courtroom requires instant transcription even if many court trials are recorded using video. The judge always receives everything that is marked by a court reporter during and after trial. The judge could be using an iPad or any device that is capable of handling court records with confidentiality. So, the judge can easily retrieve statements made by a witness if the witness denies having said the comments. The judge can use the records for reference in a problematic case. 

It is essential to record statements to keep witnesses in check during cross-examinations. This way, you will be able to make sure everyone is accountable and will help in making tough choices. 

The Reports from the Courts are Detail-oriented

You might relish court reporting if you’re attentive to details and love the justice system. Professional court reporters perform multiple functions in the courtroom, including recording all communication, necessary actions, and gestures. As a court reporter, you will need to listen attentively and observe everything to document what each person is saying and doing. You have to be passionate about court reporting to document everything happening in a courtroom. The documents will be official records of the trial and the court. 

Court reporters are Well Paid

According to Salary.com, a court reporter is paid between $41,000 to $74,000 per annum, with most earning an average salary of $57,000. This is a high salary, even as a beginner. But the salary comes at a hefty cost. Court reporters are highly regarded in the legal system and will often lose their benefits of referrals after incidents of carelessness. So, they will need to be careful not to lose the chance of earning high pay. 

There are no Bureaucracies 

In some careers, you will often find yourself answerable to a hierarchy in the office, but in court reporting, you’re not going to face bureaucracies. There is no office politics. 

Court reporting is not your average day job, and therefore, you won’t encounter the usual office politics that seems to be widespread in the corporate world.

Court Reporting Offers Value and Meaning

Most court reporters often point out that they love their job because they impact others positively. They do what is right and do it within the law of the land. Also, others are delighted with what they do. 

If a person feels their work has an impact on society, often they feel satisfied and motivated to work extra hours. Several judges and lawyers even begin court trials by mentioning the assigned court reporter as the “most valuable person in the courtroom.”

If you want to pursue a career as a court reporter, you will need dedication, attitude, desire, and commitment. It would be best if you did your homework and fully understand what is involved and required before taking the plunge. 

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