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6 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Closing Lawyer

You’d be forgiven for thinking that buying a house is easy. After all, a quick look at the stats reveals that 6 million homes are sold every year in the US. Alas, the reality of buying a new home can be tough-going.

You can spend months searching for the perfect place, negotiating with the seller, organizing the mortgage, and so on. It’s natural to experience a degree of stress, frustration, and nail-biting along the way!

That’s why many aspiring buyers hire a real estate closing lawyer.

Experts in the field, these guys and gals provide a wealth of support to make the process of buying a house (for the best possible price!) far simpler. Want to find out more? Check out these 6 top reasons to hire a real estate attorney for help closing on a house.

  1. For Unbiased Support

Most homeowners seek out expert assistance when they’re buying (or selling) a property. Why? Because it’s an enormous investment and a complex process from beginning to end!

It’s natural to want someone there to hold your hand and guide your decision-making along the way. Unfortunately, the parties you could turn to for help are usually driven by their prospective fees and commission payments. They may not intend it to happen, but this can impact their advice and lead them to act in their best interests instead of yours.

That’s not the case when you hire a real estate closing lawyer. These attorneys don’t stand to gain as much from the transaction from a financial standpoint. That means you can rely on their counsel and trust that it’s unbiased.

  1. For Help Negotiating

Most ordinary people are novices at negotiation. After all, we rarely (if ever) have to do it! We’re not used to bartering, bargaining, and going back and forth with vendors to get a better price; many of us even feel ashamed to ask for a discount in the first place.

As a result, we accept whatever price tag’s been assigned to an item and hand over the necessary amount of cash. And that’s bad news when it comes to buying something as expensive as a house! Failure to negotiate effectively (or at all) could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Want to avoid that fate? Hire a real estate lawyer. They can take on the role of lead negotiator and work with the seller to get a fair price for the property.

  1. To Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Failing to negotiate is just one example of a mistake new buyers tend to make. Trust us, there’s a whole host of ways to mess up when you’re buying a house! You could buy something you can’t afford, ignore the small print in the contract, organize the wrong mortgage, or agree to buy a property that’s full of underlying issues.

A real estate attorney can prevent you from making these kinds of expensive errors. It’s their job to represent you in the transaction, which involves ensuring you enjoy a smooth ride and the best possible deal. In some cases, they may even dissuade you from closing on a home if that’s what’s in your best interest.

  1. To Spot Red Flags

It’s easy to develop tunnel-vision in the excitement of searching for and finding your dream house. It happens all the time! Someone comes across a property they like, feels adamant that it’s right for them, and becomes single-minded in their mission to buy it.

Unfortunately, having your blinkers on makes it harder to see any red flags that surround the property. You can end up making an offer and/or entering a binding contract on a house that’s full of issues.

A common example of this relates to liens. Basically, any loans that the previous owner has taken out against the property must be paid off before it truly belongs to you. In worst-case scenarios, you could sign something that makes you responsible for those repayments.

Having a lawyer should make these sorts of issues less likely. They’ll remain clear-headed throughout proceedings, search the title for possible debts, keep their eyes peeled for red flags, and negotiate contracts that operate in your favor.

  1. To Save Money

It’s worth noting that you don’t need legal support when you buy a house. You could go ahead and work with a title company instead. These organizations perform many of the same functions to help buyers close the deal and charge you less in the process!

Just because they’re cheaper doesn’t mean they’re better value for money.

A title company’s definitely more affordable upfront, but you don’t get any of the benefits we’ve talked about so far in this article. For instance, they wouldn’t negotiate on your behalf or have the legal expertise to push back against unreasonable seller demands. Combine that with a vested interest in closing and you could spend more down the line by hiring a title company over a lawyer.

  1. For Less Stress

You know you’re in good hands when you hire a home closing attorney. Like a boxer, you’ve got someone experienced and trustworthy in your corner. They’ve got your back, they know the ropes, and they have all the skills to get you the best result.

Their input relieves the burden of responsibility and helps you share the load. You’ll have less uncertainty to handle along the way and fewer minefields to navigate by yourself! Ultimately, this all adds up to newfound peace of mind and confidence throughout the house-buying process.

Remember These Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Closing Lawyer

Property-buying statistics can be misleading! Although millions of homes swap hands in America every year, the process of acquiring one is never straight-forward. Are you planning to buy a house in the near future?

Think hard about hiring a real estate closing lawyer for help. As we’ve seen, these legal experts will prevent all kinds of commonplace problems from occurring and make your life ten times easier to boot.

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