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5 Natural Ways to cure Acidity

5 Natural Ways to cure Acidity

Acidity is basically a condition which occurs when the gastric glands present in the stomach secrete excess of acids. It often gets triggered when you consume spicy food or heavy meal. Some common symptoms of acidity include severe stomach ache, bloating, burning sensation, hiccup, acid reflux and flatulence. There are several over the counter medications available to cure acidity. However, these are addictive and aren’t meant for long-term use. This is why, more and more people are now resorting to natural ways for curing acidity. You can try following the below mentioned five natural ways to treat the condition:

  • Herbs:

Natural herbs have proven to be much more effective to cure acidity. Some herbs which you can try out are fennel, chamomile, ginger, slippery elm, meadowsweet, angelica root, catnip and even aloe vera. Besides, several of these herbs are used to deal other ingestion and digestive issues also. In fact, researchers have discovered that herbs which work against ingestion also work for acidity, even better than medications like Ocid 20.

  • Pineapple juice:

Another great way to curb acidity is pineapple juice. You should drink one glass of pineapple juice if you had a spicy meal or detect any symptoms of the condition. Pineapple juice helps reduce heartburn and hyperacidity. Besides, pineapples contain an enzyme known as bromelain which helps regulate hydrochloric acid in the stomach as well as prevents severe acidity.

  • Raw almonds:

Raw almonds or simply natural almonds which haven’t been tampered with or soaked also help get rid of acidity. Almonds have been considered as a natural cure for heartburn and ulcers since ancient times. They are a rich source of natural oils that neutralize and soothe the stomach acid. Besides, the high content of fibre in this nut helps in digestion process and keeps the stomach in good health. So, the next time you suffer from heartburn, just pop in a few almonds to get instant relief.

  • Clove:

Clove helps to soothe damaged and inflamed stomach lining and thus is extremely beneficial for stomach spasms and heartburn. Clove contains carminative properties which help to avoid effects of the excess acid that are produced in the gastrointestinal tract and stomach and therefore doesn’t allow gastric issues. Just sprinkle a little bit of crushed cloves while you prepare your dish in order to curb acidity, avoid flatulence as well as bad breath.

  • Ginger:

Ginger contains healing properties which help cure several intestinal and digestive disorders. Besides, ginger contains properties that help destroy pylori bacteria that trigger acidity, decrease inflammation and relax stomach muscles. You can consume ginger raw or in a dish or in tea. When you suffer from extreme indigestion as well as acidity, mix 1 tablespoon of ginger and lime juice along with 2 tablespoon of honey. Add the mixture in warm water and drink. It will help reduce acidity symptoms and get relief from pain related with acidity.

Considering these natural ways will not just help you cure acidity but also your overall health. For more information to heal the condition, you can visit www.yourhealthsupport.in.

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