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5 Important Questions To Ask Your Pallets Supplier

5 Important Questions To Ask Your Pallets Supplier

Whether you’re ordering from a national company, a brokerage, or a local supplier, it is important to ask these 5 questions to avoid stories that touch.

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Now…to the main thing.

Question 1; Will I receive a consolidated billing and report?

Especially if you are not good with numbers, trying to pull multiple bills and reports together can be very tasking. It can take a whole lot of the time you should be investing in other important activities. So, having all your bills, reports, and invoices in one tangible place is important. Even in a case whereby the company has several locations and your orders aren’t coming from just one, they should have a national billing network to simplify all the orders delivered through the various ports in one simple bill.

Question 2; Will you be provided with constant specifications of the pallets?

Here what I mean. Pallets are described in grades, sizes, and types with the use of some special terms. And depending on your supplier, your location, and your industry, these terms can vary across suppliers. In fact, most suppliers change these terms overtime without informing you. And the effect? You can get delivered the wrong order. Here’s a situation. You’ve always ordered a Pallet B-6 which is a plastic pallet with four side-forklift. Suddenly, a new name is given to this same pallet and the previous name given to a completely different pallet. At the end, you got sold the wrong thing.

Question 3; How is their working process?

Whatever company sells pallets or other business accessories to you ultimately becomes your business partner. Yes, read that again. So, it makes sense to know if your pallet seller’s operation practices are in alignment with yours. Find out how their workers are treated, how professional are these workers, what the working environment looks like, and safe their operational system is. Find out if the company performs regular risk assessment and business audits. In the same way, find out the transparency of the supplier and confirm their registration with the business bureau.

Question 4; How are last minutes orders executed

When it comes to running a successful business, timing is everything. You don’t want a delay in gour pallets becoming a barrier in your workflow. Right? So, ask about how long it takes them to deliver and how many calls you have to make to get your orders. A part of your questions should be, do they have their company-owned transportation vehicles or not? If yes, how large is their fleet?

Question 5; How consistent are they?

Having a supplier that you can trust brings peace of mind. But how consistent they are in result and purpose is as much important to decide if they are worth choosing as a supplier. In most cases, you don’t have to take their word for it. A background check may be needed.

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