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5 Best Movies to Stream Online During Coronavirus Quarantine

5 Best Movies to Stream Online During Coronavirus Quarantine

Self-isolation is a bet way to prevent a pandemic outbreak of coronavirus. It has spread all around the world, and we are in a very difficult situation now. Maybe we will at home at the next several weeks: so in this pandemic life; you have to do much more at home like take care of children or cook meals.

As you know, social distancing is limited globally, so to understand this critical situation, you have to need some best streaming movies during coronavirus quarantine. All the platforms such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, 1movies, Netflix and many more are offering too much stuff.

But I think at this time you need to learn more about this virus and how to treat and take care of your loved ones. Therefore we are listing some movies to watching during this present crisis. All of these have worth watching no matter what’s your mood.

A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

A beautiful day in the neighbourhood movie is one of a favourite film by Tom Hanks. He and his wife Rita Wilson, who is an actress and singer have tested positive for the coronavirus.

We wish them for a fast recovery so we recommend you a movie that you can see in these outbreak corona days. It is an oscar-nominated performance of Marielle Heller, which all about grace, forgiveness and independence of human lives.


Hospital movie is also the best documentary to watch at this time. It offers a riveting and reminder of the problematic, invaluable work that the doctor does and what they face in this challenging era.

You can watch the free at the free streaming platform Kanopy where you can enjoy the movie in these restless days.

It comes at night

At this time pandemic movies are best to watch, and many viewers are watching outbreak Contagion. It is an unnervingly 2017 movie which features Try Edward Shults life who is not chilling for its depiction of a deadly infection, but psychological residue leaves the world gone mad.

La Flor

La Flor is a ridiculous range of movies from the Argentine writer and director Mariano Llinas. This movie for those people who are doing little more time on your hands.

I am not saying you will love with every scene of the movie, but you will see how spellbinding director possibilities juggles. Moreover, here you will see how death occurs, and people are exhausted due to it. This movie is available through Grasshopper film.

McCabe & Mrs Miller

An American director beautifully describes how the virus resists by social distancing. Robert Altman gives a movie full of life where you see how the social distance creat heartbreaking portrait of love and loss.

But to break the pandemic disease, it is necessary to keep then distance as this virus spreads quickly from one individual to another. so by streaming this movie, you can learn social distancing does not mean the end of love. Watch actress bio


No need to worry at this difficult time, just stay at home, take care of cleanliness, take care of your loved ones and watch these movies. By these, you will learn so much.

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