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40 unique tests: aiming for excellence with luggage company Monos

40 unique tests: aiming for excellence with luggage company Monos

The team at Monos carry out 40 different tests to ensure their luxury travel cases meet their exacting standards and are able to compete with the most sought-after products and best-known manufacturers on the market. Travel and making strong human connections are things Monos are incredibly passionate about, and their products have timeless visual appeal and incredible durability. When Monos source materials and parts for their products, they only choose manufacturers who share their passion for quality. When a part that meets their expectations is unavailable, they work with leading industry experts to create it themselves.

Heightening the quality of travel

According to Monos, mindfulness during travel enables us to see the world’s deepest beauty. The products that the team produce are designed to ensure travel is a fuss and stress-free experience that delivers total satisfaction. Monos can offer incredibly competitive and affordable prices for luxury travel products due to the way they sell directly to their customers. Even the smallest details are seen as important by the Monos team.

Powerful human connections

The company prides itself on its quality relations with its customers, clients and collaborators. It says strong human connections are essential if business-to-customer and business-to-business relations are to be mutually beneficial. One of the company’s slogans is “good is the enemy of great”, hence its ongoing passion for meeting the highest standards. The company’s cases have been seen in destinations across the world and allow customers to get the excellence they need for a fraction of what they might normally expect to pay.

Carefully-selected collaborators

Monos met with a wide range of factories before they decided which ones to source parts and materials for. The vast majority of these were unable to meet the expectations they had set. The companies they did choose to collaborate with were selected thanks to their expertise, outstanding craftsmanship and vast attention to detail. Monos CEO Colin personally inspects each Monos Carry-On once it is completed to ensure all standards are met.

A passion for innovation

The company has worked on a range of innovations to ensure its products meet and even surpass customer expectations. The solutions that they have created aimed to boost ease-of-use, longevity, durability and visual appeal. A key reworking occurred when the company made changes to the traditional telescopic handle, replacing conventional cast zinc with high-grade aluminium. Lateral and torsional movement were reduced via a redesign of the telescopic assembly. The handle release button was moved to the underside of the case for ergonomic reasons.

Materials from leading manufacturers

Pioneering materials are used to create the company’s increasingly popular luggage cases, and these include aerospace-grade German Makrolon polycarbonate which is used for vacuum forming. This material is virtually impossible to break yet it is one of the most lightweight materials of its type on the market. This material has made the cases incredibly resistant to impact and enabled them to quickly spring back into shape. Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run wheels are used to minimise sound and are also noted for their performance and durability. Hinomoto is a highly-regarded Japanese manufacturer that worked closely alongside Mitsubishi to design the wheels. Monos also use robust, waterproof, anti-bacterial 350 polyester as interior fabric.

A host of stringent tests

Monos are so passionate about customer satisfaction that they carry out 40 tests to ensure the cases meet their exacting standards. Each test has been chosen to ensure the cases can overcome the full range of challenges travel presents.

Tumble, mileage, drop tests and more

During the tumble test, the case is loaded with a 16kg weight and added to a rotating chamber. This test is designed to simulate the rough handling, high drops and tough impacts that can occur during transit. The mileage test sees the cases being angled before they are rolled on a bumped treadmill that simulates uneven terrain. In the telescopic handle jerk test, the case is dropped from a considerable height before it is stopped by the handle. During the drop test, the case is stored at a temperature for four hours. It is then loaded with a maximum weight of 25kg and dropped onto several edges, surfaces and corners.  

Getting in touch with Monos

It’s no surprise to see an increasing number of travel lovers opt for Monos luxury travel cases when elegant and dependable solutions are required. Further information about Monos and the products they design, manufacture and supply can be found on the website. The company can be found on Facebook and Instagram and can also be reached via hello@monos.com.

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